Quem somos

Handmade Art Brazil is a brand for representation and resale of Brazilian products internationally.

Having a new business was certainly in our plans, but the quarantine imposed by COVID-19, starting in March 2020, accelerated this process, and we decided to combine the useful with the pleasant: to undertake in Canada helping to drain the handicraft production of small entrepreneurs that were suffering with the closing of the Brazilian market.

And that was how, in May 2020, HA Brazil emerged, a brand that seeks to make a difference in the lives of many Brazilians, with a social conscience, sustainable ideal, valuing artisanal work, promoting Brazilian culture and art, and working with brands and partners who share this same ideology.

The Brazilian products we sell have been carefully selected and have a high-quality standard. They are beautiful jewels, beachwear, fitness fashion, and accessories, made with innovative, sustainable, and beautiful materials, inspired by the diverse resources and natural beauty that Brazil offers.

Within their possibilities, all partner brands work with sustainable materials, raw materials, and means of production, which do not compromise the planet's natural resources. With that, together, we seek to maintain the balance between production, consumption, and the environment.

We at HA Brasil also take social commitment very seriously! Since the conception of the brand, we are taking every step consciously and always seeking to contribute to social inclusion and the economic development of less favored classes.

Through these carefully selected Brazilian products, we want to take a lot of sympathy, joy, beauty, culture, and art to the world.