Vegan bags and unique bio jewels, handmade with care and a creative craft process: get to know Vaska!

Vegan bags and unique bio jewels, handmade with care and a creative craft process: get to know Vaska!

Art as Healing!

The brand's creator, Agatha, started working on her art pieces as a treatment for anxiety and, when she saw it, the hobby became work!

Its super stylish crochet bags started to gain notoriety in the market and in a short period Vaska was born.

With a delicate, high-quality production, made entirely by hand and very laborious, Vaska has a handmade process that makes its products unique and special.

Differentiated and sustainable production

Today Vaska produces vegan bags and bio jewels. All products are made in a sustainable way and with a great difference: the raw materials are carefully chosen!

Most Vaska bags are made of crochet! This very ancient art requires total attention and care and produces very beautiful pieces.

Bio-jewelry, on the other hand, is made of polymer clay, which is a recyclable material that besides allowing coloration, shape versatility, is also light, resistant, and does not pollute the environment. That is, it brings together the best that a sustainable jewel could have!

Unique pieces for each customer

Handmade Art Brazil's partners work with artisanal productions, so each piece has its particularity.

At Vaska this uniqueness is even more present! The brand's creator decided not to work with collections, but with CREATIONS. That is, each handbag, each jewel, and each Vaska product is unique.

Often, specific pieces were created to meet customers' wishes, without leaving aside the essence of the brand: lightness, joy, and sustainability. Besides, the creations always have the touch of Brazilianness that our partners insist on maintaining.

Vaska: from inside the room to the world

It's amazing how small artwork can win the world! That's exactly what happened to Vaska! From a small homemade production, we reached this partnership that will bring unique products to Canada, the United States, and the world!

We, from Handmade Art Brazil, guarantee the quality of the products, and we are sure that each bag and bio-jewel will delight you in the Canadian and North American lands, just as they already delight so many customers in Brazil!

Visit our online store and get to know Vaska's beautiful creations, directly from Rio de Janeiro, in Brazil, to conquer the world!