The History of St. Patrick's Day

The History of St. Patrick's Day

What is St. Patrick Day?

St. Patrick’s Day is a typical Irish party where the whole world - especially English-speaking countries - takes the opportunity to celebrate the rich culture that Ireland offers!

It is an important date, celebrated every year on the 17th of March, where the places are decorated, people dress in character and a series of events are held. It is a much-awaited day in some places, such as here in Canada, although the pandemic this year has brought some changes to this (and all others) celebrations.

We at HA Brazil also love this date, mainly because of the green used abundantly, which reminds us of the beautiful Canadian and Brazilian natural landscapes, and the clover that is a symbol of great luck for us.

But do you know how this celebration started and what it represents? We will let you know!

St. Patrick, the patron saint of the Catholic Church in Ireland

Known as an important missionary in ancient Ireland, St. Patrick played an important role in the Christianization of the people of this region.

At 16, he was kidnapped by an Englishmen and forced to work as a slave. During this period, he created affection and learned about religion. After escaping, he went on to live in a monastery in France.

After a few years, he returned to Ireland, his homeland, intending to take the word to everyone who needed it.

He was seen as a benevolent and fair man, which made many people follow him. And since 1631, on March 17, the day of his death, he has been honored.

Why the clover? Why green?

According to reports by the Irish, St. Patrick used the 3-leaf clover to represent the Holy Trinity: the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. What made the clover popular as a symbol of celebration and good luck worldwide!

And this is also where the green comes from, as it is the color of this plant so loved by the Irish and the world.

But how did the party get to other countries?

Ireland has always had a considerable migratory trend. In Canada, the party came through Irish immigrants and was easily popularized.

The same has happened in other parts of the world. Many pubs are super decorated. They also create special menus and even parties for that day!

We also have parades valuing Irish culture and more. The St. Patrick’s Day party is always amazing!

Be ready to celebrate this day!

Here in Canada, many places are already preparing for St. Patrick’s Day, despite all the restrictions imposed by the pandemic! Some adaptations were necessary, but it is still worth seeing how the program of pubs and restaurants is for March 17!

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