Soon it will be Valentine's Day !!! Love is in the air... !!!

Soon it will be Valentine's Day !!! Love is in the air... !!!


February 14th is a very special day in Canada! And love is not only in the air, but everywhere: in stores, houses, schools, restaurants (only delivery this year, unfortunately), and on social media. We see beautiful decorations everywhere, people programming for the big day, and hearts wherever we go!

Celebrating and fighting for love has always been present in the life of human beings and that is exactly how Valentine's Day was born. Back in the 5th century, on February 14, 496, Pope Gelásio made the first Valentine's Day official, in honor of St. Valentine, a priest who defended the marriage of soldiers at that time, even going so far as to organize ceremonies in secret.

This type of union for soldiers was prohibited, since Emperor Claudio II considered soldiers with affective ties the worst warriors. Upon being discovered, Valentine was sentenced to death.


They say that on the day of his death, St. Valentine wrote a love letter to his beloved, which made sending love letters popular over the years.

Over time, the ways of giving gifts on that day were transformed, until the date became an important commercial landmark of the year. After all, what is the best way to celebrate love if not pleasing the one we love?


In Canada, the custom is to give gifts not only to boyfriends and girlfriends on February 14th. Here friends, family, teachers, students, and anyone else you care for also receive cards, flowers, chocolates, and gifts on this special day.

Coming from Brazil, where Valentine's Day celebrations (that take place on June 12) are more intimate, between the couple only, it was amazing to discover that here in Canada celebrations are not like that, since families and groups of friends also celebrate love, and exchange cards, chocolates, and gifts on this day.


If you are still lost, worry no more! We made a selection with 5 easy tips for you to give gifts to those you love on Valentine's Day!


Everything that is done by hand, has more affection, care, and love. Therefore, handmade products are ideal gifts on Valentine's Day.
If you have manual skills, you can do as much as chocolates, cookies, cakes, paint a picture, make custom boxes, clothes, ornaments, accessories, and even jewelry.

What is most interesting about this type of gift is that in addition to being a more affectionate way of giving yourself, it is exclusive, considering the taste of who will receive the gift and the ability of those who will do it! What a good energy!


We have seen in many movies and series that the gift most given on Valentine's Day is a delicious box of chocolate. Hmmm! Delicious!

This gift is very easy to find and is accurate! But it is also super possible to make it at home for those who have time and some skill. As we already said, everything that is handmade has more affection and care, that is, a special taste!


In the middle of winter, with temperatures below freezing, nothing like a gift that reminds us of summer to warm our hearts and remind us that soon (a little over 3 months ;) we will have this long-awaited season here.

Being gifted a bikini, swimsuit, swim trunks, coverall, sunglasses, beach bag, or accessories, in general, will surely bring a summer smile out of season and make us turn on the fireplace to remember and/or plan our tours and adventures in that time of the year!


Jewels are gifts that show great affection at any time of the year… can you imagine on Valentine's Day!?

As we said earlier, you can buy beautiful jewelry, but it is also possible to make beautiful jewelry by hand, customized with a lot of love.


Words are all that we have most precious to show our love. And the moment we are, with very restricted physical contact, they have gained even more power.

On this Valentine's Day, enjoy and say and/or write everything you feel for the one you love. Write a letter as St. Valentine did, record a video and send it on social media, sing a song that reminds you together, declare a poem, write a card, call, and declare yourself.

And, of course, remember that the word is the materialization of feeling and, therefore, the gift that complements any other! Be sure to send your message to those you love to make this day unforgettable!


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