Handmade jewelry inspired by the Brazilian natural landscape: get to know Creative Brazil!

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Handmade jewelry inspired by the Brazilian natural landscape: get to know Creative Brazil!

Creative Brazil is a genuinely Brazilian brand, which has come a long way around the world, and luckily today is part of the Handmade Art Brazil partner's team.

In 2003, Ana Clark created the brand, and, unlike most Brazilian entrepreneurs, she has already started selling her production internationally! Her handmade art, little by little, was conquering new frontiers and Creative Brazil today already operates in countries like the United States, Mexico, and others in Europe, in addition to Brazil, of course!

In these 17 years of history, they have more than 400 points of sale bringing Creative Brasil's handmade jewelry around the world! And now, together with HA Brazil, those who live in Canada and new parts of the United States will also be able to know how these beautiful Brazilian jewels are unique in beauty and reference.

Brazilian handcrafted products from Creative Brazil

When we think of Brazil, we think of nature, beach, forest, trail, mountain top, lagoon, river, and much more. Besides, the Brazilian female beauty is known to everyone for its incredible diversity!

Brazil is a country with several references for artists who want to bring natural beauty to their pieces, artists like those from Creative Brazil who produce beautiful jewelry, with the face of Brazil.

There are rings, earrings, bracelets, and necklaces, each piece made by hand with care and affection, transmitting the good energy of the natural universe of Brazil and also a little of the essence of our women: strong, warrior, resilient and beautiful inside and outside.

That's why Creative has already won so many seats! With the friendliness, art, and natural beauty of Brazil, there is no way the world will not fall in love!

Sustainable ideal, Social Action, and refinement

Our partnership is not just because we share the desire to spread Brazilian beauty around the world. Handmade Art Brazil also encourages and values ​​the sustainable and social ideal that Creative plays!

During all these years, the products are made by hand, allowing new forms of work, reducing the production's environmental damage, and encouraging Brazilian art.

Also, Creative has important social projects like Projeto Maramar, where Ana Clark teaches women from Vila de Maramar jewelry making techniques, thus creating the Maramar collection. Sustainable craftwork, art, social inclusion, and personal development are made possible by this social action of the company.

HA and Creative Brazil: expanding Brazilian jewelry around the world

Creative Brazil is already out of the country bringing Brazilian colors, culture, and beauty to women of different nationalities.

With this partnership, HA and Creative Brazil are looking to further expand that reach! Not only in Canada, not just in the United States, but soon the world may have a little piece of our culture completing its look!

Make yourself part of this community too! You will certainly not regret it.