Cheerful, light, and high-quality clothes to exercise: meet QArt!

Cheerful, light, and high-quality clothes to exercise: meet QArt!

The concept is to be light, free, and beautiful!

QArt is one of Handmade Art Brazil's partners that brings the lightness of Brazilian fitness fashion to the international market.

The brand started its history in 2009, in the city of Cabo Frio, the region of the lakes of Rio de Janeiro. It is a warm place that asks for lighter and more comfortable clothes for physical activities and also for day-to-day activities.

With the motto "always be in motion", QArt developed its entire line based on what would be the ideal clothing for a happy and dreamy woman, who wishes to keep their body active and seek new possibilities.

Brazilian fitness fashion: items to keep your body active and light

Qart has pieces such as light blouses, pants, shorts, tops, and bodies, all geared to the moment of exercising outdoors, in gyms, crossfit, pilates, dance, and running, whether they are professional physical activities or just for leisure, like family walks, for example.

They are beautiful smooth pieces or prints, many with bright colors to highlight the joy that these moments should bring to our daily lives. There are several options so that we can enjoy their collections with beauty and lightness.

For women on the move, For Healthy Living

Speaking of collections, QArt pieces are for beautiful women who already exercise daily, or for those who want to improve the quality of life through exercise, but do not give up being always beautiful even in the moments of greatest effort.

For us at HA Brazil and QArt, exercising with clothing that is pleasing to the eye and comfortable for the body is an incredible help to achieve the goal of a healthier life.

Handmade Art Brazil and QArt

This partnership arose from the desire of both brands to bring a healthy way of life that many Brazilians have outside the country too! We know that immigrant life is more busy than usual in the early years, but we always need to find time for balance, and exercising is an important first step for a healthier future when we move to a new country.

Exercise gives us an important balance, in addition to being a healthy habit that we need to maintain in pursuit of quality of life.

Besides, QArt shares our sustainable and artisanal ideal. Its years of history prove its quality and we are proud and certain that this will be a partnership with many fruits!