Brazilian Products, Beauty, Joy, and Sustainability: Handmade Art Brazil has arrived!

Blog Post - Brazilian Products, Beauty, Joy, and Sustainability: Handmade Art Brazil has arrived!

Handmade Art Brazil is a brand of representation and resale of Brazilian products internationally.

HA Brazil was idealized by two Brazilian entrepreneurs who have more than 15 years of experience in the e-commerce and digital marketing fields. Having already held important positions in Brazilian companies such as Fundação Getulio Vargas, SEBRAE, VTEX, ABCOMM,, Guia-se Agências Digitais, MG2 Soluções and Fabrika de E-commerce, and with the strong influence of the entrepreneurial streak, they saw an opportunity in the scenario imposed by COVID-19.

And that was how, in May 2020, HA Brazil emerged, a brand that seeks to make a difference in the lives of many Brazilians. With social conscience, sustainable ideal, valuing artisanal work, and promoting Brazilian culture and art overseas, HA Brazil works with brands that share this same ideology!

Initially, HA Brazil's business area is Canada, which in itself is already giant! :) But in the medium term, we intend to expand to the USA and, in the long term, make new partnerships and take, not only quality products but also the beautiful Brazilian culture to new places around the globe!


At the inauguration day, HA Brazil already represents six Brazilian brands: Azaí, Creative Brazil, Monica Krexa, QArt, Pitanga, and Vaska. They make beautiful jewelry, beachwear, fitness fashion, and accessories, made with innovative, sustainable materials and a lot of beauty! But we do not want to stop there, and we will keep looking for new partnerships constantly!

In the next posts, we will tell the story of these brands, talk about their products, the production process, raw material, and much more! Follow our blog and our social networks to be tuned!

Furthermore, if you know any Brazilian brand that is the right fit for HA Brazil, click here and let us know, because we would love to hear from you!

Careful Selection of Brazilian Products

The Brazilian products sold by HA Brazil were carefully selected and have a high-quality standard. Inspired by the diverse resources and natural beauty that Brazil offers broadly, these products are created from various national raw materials and bring innovation, joy, lightness, and culture in each piece.

Also, it is important to note that the products sold by HA Brasil are designed and produced maintaining the sustainable ideal that our brand believes.

And if you live in Canada or the USA and miss a Brazilian product besides the traditional bikinis, gym clothes with cheerful prints, super versatile handmade bags, traditional, casual, and versatile bio jewelry, we would love to know which product is it! Click here and tell us this secret! :)

Sustainability, Social Awareness and Art

HA Brasil also takes social commitment very seriously! Since the conception, each step was taken consciously and always seeking to contribute to social inclusion and the economic development of less favored classes. And, as we said above, HA Brazil seeks to work with partners who have these same values ​​and work their art in a conscious and contributory way.

Within their possibilities, all brands work with sustainable materials, raw materials, and ways of production that do not compromise the planet's natural resources. With this in mind, we seek to maintain the balance between production, consumption, and the environment, a purpose that should be basic in any company!

The craftwork alone already helps a lot in these goals of HA Brazil. Besides that, the six partner brands work with small productions, zero waste, and use raw materials and products that are not harmful to the environment.

HA Brazil also supports the social actions of our partners and always seeks to bring inclusive and beneficial news to Brazilian local communities.

We are looking for new regional handicrafts that promote inclusion and employability. If you know of any Brazilian social project that produces handicrafts, click here and share this information with us!

From Brazil to Canada and soon to the World HA Brazil is here to stay and to take to the world, through carefully selected Brazilian products, lots of sympathy, joy, beauty, culture, and art!

If you want to see these beautiful products up close, access our e-commerce and follow our social media by clicking here: Facebook and Instagram!

If you want to indicate a brand for future partnerships, please send us a message by clicking here.

If you miss any Brazilian product and would like us to resell it here in Canada and/or in the USA, please, we would love to hear from you.

If you know of a social project that makes a difference in Brazilian communities promoting sustenance for less favored families, inclusion, and employability, please contact us, because we want to know this story and take it to the world.

Also, follow our blog! In the next posts, we will tell the story of each brand and bring you lots of news and curiosities.