Brazilian beachwear! Tradition, high-quality, and zero residues: the essence of Pitanga!

Brazilian beachwear! Tradition, high-quality, and zero residues: the essence of Pitanga!

Success in the Lakes Region of Rio de Janeiro

Pitanga is a beachwear brand located in Cabo Frio city, in the State of Rio de Janeiro. In the heart of the lakes region, the brand has all experience in style, comfort, and high-quality standards, which is why it is a reference not only in its hometown but also throughout Brazil.

As it is located in a tourist city, Pitanga reaches people from all over the country and even the world, which keeps them tuned to always offer the latest trend in overseas beach fashion!

It is almost 20 years of history that make Pitanga a national heritage and this whole tradition deserve to be more recognized around the world! That's why Handmade Art Brazil started this partnership that promises lots of success!

Sustainability, handcraft, and social action walking hand in hand!

As said before, Pitanga seeks national and international references for making its pieces and producing bikinis, bathing suits, cover-ups and beachwear in general thinking about the sustainable ideal that is essential for the brand and also for us at Handmade Art Brazil.

Their products are handmade produced by experienced and dedicated seamstresses who together with the designers create collections focused on Brazilian natural beauty and the strength of Brazilian women.

Besides taking care to reduce energy and water consumption, and using only sustainable material, Pitanga also donates leftover fabrics to NGOs of artisans who transform this material into bags, clothes, carpets, and accessories, and sell them, making a living for many local families.

We are very proud to work with a brand that, through simple acts, takes care not only of the environment but also of the local community of artisans.

Your body, your perfect combination

The beach fashion at Pitanga is based on the Brazilian woman! Exactly for this reason, they have bikinis, swimsuits, and all types of beachwear: patterned, plain, mixed, small, medium, and large.

And giving a show of flexibility, recognizing that bodies are not equal, we can choose the bottom and top of the bikini independently, and put together the look that fits us better, and that will enhance our body!

HA Brazil and Pitanga to the world!

HA Brazil's commitment is to bring handmade, high-quality, and sustainable products from Brazil to new regions of the world. So, Pitanga, a reference in national beach fashion, located in the heart of the Brazilian summer, is a pleasure for our team!

In our online store, you will find the best Pitanga pieces, full of reference, comfort, social awareness, and beauty! Come and check out! We are sure you will be delighted.