Beautiful aluminum bio jewels! Color, lightness, and sustainability: the art of Monica Krexa!

Beautiful aluminum bio jewels! Color, lightness, and sustainability: the art of Monica Krexa!

Beautiful aluminum bio jewels! Color, lightness, and sustainability: the art of Monica Krexa!

Monica Krexa's aluminum art is recognized in several places in Brazil, and worldwide for its beauty, originality and, above all, creativity!

Monica Krexa is an Argentine designer who found her home in Brazilian lands, more specifically in the heart of the city of Búzios, in the region of the lakes of Rio de Janeiro.

But her history as a designer of handmade jewelry in aluminum started long before, still in Argentina. Once, she found a piece of wire in a building and made a bracelet. The jewel drew so much attention that aluminum became the reference of her business!

Handmade Aluminum Jewelry

Handmade Art Brasil and Monica Krexa are aligned on several points, but the main one is the appreciation of manual work.

The handmade pieces are made in Monica's studio, and the use of aluminum as the main material allows different types of models to be made, all with the care, attention, and exclusivity that only handmade works have.

And the pieces are still the image of Brazil! Combining colors and movement in a difficult technical handmade process, beautiful designs are formed which makes Monica Krexa's bio jewelry a reference in Brazilianness. And the most interesting thing is that aluminum preserves the brightness of colors, so the pieces never darken, being resistant to the sun and oxidation.

Undoubtedly, she produces beautiful handmade work that needs to be taken all over the world, and that's why Monica Krexa is one of our most important partners.

Sustainable Production

As we have already said, we value partners who have the same ideals, and Monica Krexa is also a reference in sustainable production! Their bio jewels are truly incredible!

In addition to a reference process with the art of handcrafted aluminum jewelry, the company also has a studio fully prepared for sustainable production. The roof is made of ecological membranes with a system of recycled bottles that attract sunlight, to avoid electricity consumption. Rainwater is collected and treated to wash the material used in production, avoiding unnecessary water consumption. And aluminum itself is already a sustainable material, as it can be recycled and does not generate waste, since all parts are reused and, if necessary, re-reused.

That is, the entire production process of Monica Krexa was thought and planned to be sustainable, and Handmade Art Brasil is very proud of such a partnership!

Successful Partnership

Handmade Art Brazil is in the international market to bring the best of Brazil to Canada and the United States initially, but already looking to the world! Monica Krexa and all her differentiated art made entirely in a sustainable way is, without a doubt, an important partnership for us.

Each product is made uniquely, and the rings, necklaces, and bracelets have the versatility to adapt to the size / height of those who will use it. So, it doesn't matter if you are in Brazil, Canada, the USA, or anywhere else in the world: HA Brasil and Monica Krexa can serve you and these beautiful pieces will adapt to your standard of beauty!

Come and be enchanted with these beautiful and exclusive bio jewels!